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e-kidz has organised many children’s camps both locally and internationally since 2001. Our goal is to inculcate moral values and character teaching to the children of this generation, so that they may grow up to be men and women of great character. We have received many testimonies from parents who have seen positive changes in their children.

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Character development forms the core of our camp. All our activities, games and teaching sessions are centred around developing positive character traits. See the transformation in your children’s lives.

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Encouragement and affirmation are values that we believe in deeply. Every child is special and we want to encourage all campers to display good character and great attitude in our camp. Every child goes home a WINNER!

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Exciting and thrilling games have always been a major component of our camps. Children will be exposed to games specifically designed to build their confidence level and inculcate character values. Your child is in for an experience like no other.

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1) Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
2) Due to the dynamics of the camp, it might not be suitable for children with special needs. Please contact us for more information.
3) Children aged 5 years old in 2025 (born in 2020) may register for the camp if:
 Child is independent (as parents are not allowed in campsite);
 Child is toilet-trained; and
 Child is able to articulate his/her needs (e.g. toileting).
4) For children aged 4 years old in 2025 (born in 2021), please contact us to arrange for a trial session at e-kidz before registering as payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Raiders of the Lost Temple camp is brought to you by e-kidz (River Community Church)

Raiders of the Lost Temple camp is brought to you by
e-kidz (River Community Church)