Established since 2001, e-kidz (Children Ministry) has touched the lives of thousands of children through our weekly Saturday programmes and the numerous camps.

Our weekly Saturday programmes are catered for children aged 6 - 12 years old, where we create an environment for children to learn through fun and creative ways.

All programme activities are specially designed to impart godly values through creative and engaging ways, such as puppetry, talk shows, illusions, musicals and so much more!

We believe it is important to cultivate good attitude and great character in children from an early age. We have seen many children who are impacted by what they have learnt and have changed in their character.

With so much fun going on at e-kidz, what are you waiting for? Join us at e-kidz today!

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Age: 6 - 12 years old
Day & Time: Saturdays, 2.00pm - 4.00pm*
(Check out our monthly e-kidz calendar)

Phone: +65 8223 7825
e-mail: ekidz@river.org.sg

*We have limited capacity at our activities. Please book seat(s) using the link below.

Our Calendar

Our exciting programmes include monthly birthday celebrations, teaching sessions, games day, craft day, etc.

Stay up to date with our activities!


eTV hosts a series of creative and engaging lessons on character values such as gratefulness, obedience, honour, truthfulness, etc.

The videos are thoughtfully designed to appeal to this generation of children, with lots of fun and memorable activities to help them to easily remember what they have learnt and encourage them to apply it in their daily lives.

Annual Camp 2025

You won't want to miss it! Join us for a time of adventure which will be filled with fun and games at Raiders of the Lost Temple in 2025!

e-kidz Camp
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House System

Red, Blue, Green & Yellow! Our dynamic house identity and e-kidz house T-shirts help children form strong bonds within their houses, and create the perfect platform for them to rise up as leaders – first learning to take care of themselves, then taking care of others. 

e-kidz Transport


Our friendly team of e-kidz drivers are ever-ready to ferry children who needs transport to and from e-kidz. Kudos to this dedicated team of volunteers!

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

With birthday cakes, gifts and lots of fun, it’s truly a celebration of every individual’s uniqueness!

Door Gifts

Door Gifts

We love every child at e-kidz and each one of them goes home with a gift at our special e-kidz events!

e-kidz Wheel

The Wheel

Children who have signed up for e-kidz member card will receive a token for their attendance every week. Every 4 tokens enables a child to receive a spin. What an exciting way to be rewarded for attending e-kidz!

Stage Games

Stage Games

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”

Children love to play and they always look forward to their time of play at e-kidz. Check out our stage games in our e-kidz sessions!

Clash of the Colours

Clash of the Colours

The ultimate indoor games day where our four e-kidz Houses compete against each other to win the much-coveted Trophy! Who will be the ultimate champion by the end of the year?!


House Group Outings

A great platform to forge stronger bonds and friendships. House group outings are filled with great fun and much laughter. Definitely not an outing to be missed.



Our musicals never fail to disappoint with its zesty tunes and upbeat tones, bringing across meaningful messages and sparking joy in every child, leaving them glued for more!



One creative way we use to bring across important messages is through skits. Every skit is thoughtfully planned and executed, bringing the children to enter a different world during our sharing sessions!



Puppets are a great tool to capture the attention of the young ones. Well-loved by children, puppetry definitely helps bring across learning pointers in an entertaining and engaging way.


Flannel Board

Our beautifully illustrated flannel board stories, coupled with lightings and music effects, have captivated the attention of many children and brought bible stories to life.


Craft Day

Our young ones learn to honour their parents and express gratitude through handmade crafts for Fathers’ & Mothers’ Day. What a delightful gift!

Group Photo

Children’s Day &
Teachers’ Day Celebrations

We celebrate special occasions such as Children’s Day and Teachers’ Days. What a fantastic time to remember how uniquely God made us and the special roles that we play in one another’s lives.

National Day

National Day Celebration

We love Singapore. At e-kidz, we teach the children to honour and love our country. This is where we live and we are glad to be in Singapore.


Easter Celebration

Jesus Christ has risen! Come and join us in celebrating Easter not because of bunnies and eggs, but because Jesus has conquered death for us!


Christmas Celebration & Primary 6 Graduation

Come celebrate Christmas with us! Children learn the true meaning of Christmas as God has given us the greatest gift of all – Jesus.

We also celebrate the graduation of our P6s and remind them that this is not the end of their journey. They can continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and join us at 24Seven.



It’s a great day of rejoicing and celebration as these children boldly proclaim their commitment to Jesus. We are so proud of them!

e-kidz Camp

Annual June Camp

Held during the June school holiday, this camp has a unique theme each year. Learn about good character and great attitude through fun experiential activities. See the children changed and transformed in their attitude. This is definitely a camp not to be missed!

Big C Camp

Annual Big C Camp

Big C, Big Character! Every Big C camp is differently themed, with the main purpose of imparting godly character through God’s creation, such as animals, nature and historical people of importance. Get ready for a great time of fascinating activities and fantastic fun! The camp is held during the year-end school holiday.